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A hybrid agency
Your in-house extension
A fast-paced partner
Your high school sweetheart

Our name, Mareld, comes from the Swedish word for mareel, the natural phenomenon where the sea illuminates and shimmers at night, creating a beautiful and ethereal effect. Fascinating and capturing attention when it shimmers. And that’s what we help our clients do.

At Mareld, we believe in merging the best of both worlds – the strategic thinking and experience of a traditional agency with the creativity and innovative approach of a creative studio. Like a Swiss army knife, without the toothpick, we bring our skills and unique perspectives to every project we take on, with the ambition to help our clients shimmer in a sea of stale planktons.

We live in our studio and looking at the hours we spend there, it could easily be described as the main roof over our heads. The downside? Ask our boy- and girlfriends. Upside? It makes us fast paced and incredibly flexible, capable of switching between extensive strategic projects to on-the-dot-campaign production with no sweat. Naturally making us an extension to our client’s marketing department. 

Ideation — Art Direction — Graphic design — Motion Design — Copywriting — Photography — Video production — Social Media — 3D — Project management — Production management — Studio


Northbound Music Group
Waynes Coffee

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