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Slurp mode — Waynes Coffee

Waynes Coffee wanted to attract a new target audience to their cold drink offerings, including iced lattes, shakes and mojitos. They approached us with the challenge of standing out in a highly competitive market and appealing to Gen Z customers.

We turned ON Sweden’s Slurp Mode with a campaign that highlighted Waynes Coffee’s unique and refreshing cold drinks. We created videos, photos and bespoke elements to be used on social media to showcase the drinks’ flavors and qualities while also highlighting their cultural influences.

The campaign was a success, with Waynes seeing a significant increase in social media reach and engagement but also foot traffic to the coffeeshops during the campaign period. With over 4 million impressions on TikTok – we will keep slurping. Summer after summer.

Concept development
Art Direction
Bespoke elements
Motion design
Photo and video production
In-store activations

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